MFI Club (Multifamily Investment Club) is a real estate investment firm based out of Lehi, Utah also know as "The Silicon Slopes".  Our conservative approach to acquiring property leads to exceptional returns.  We believe in underwriting with the most strict and unwavering criteria, and by doing so we hold our assets for high cash flow long term.


Change your life.

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Simply put, multifamily real estate has the best and most risk adjusted returns available.  When purchased correctly, apartment complexes yield extremely high cash flow and at the same time offer the most recession resistant investment vehicle possible.  The tax benefits available to real estate investors are phenomenal, and the increased ability to take advantage of tax write offs and cost segregation solidifies large multifamily as the best and highest returning asset.


At MFI Club our specialty is Value-add investments.  We look for properties that have great potential but that have been mis-managed and need to be fixed up and updated.  An out-dated or run down property in a good location is exactly what we look for. Renovations can vary from updating kitchens and cosmetic items to full property tear outs and upgrades.  Getting the most bang for our buck is the goal, and maximizing the "upside" in each unique property is what we look to accomplish.


Lyndon has taken on extensive executive roles and business transactions. He was instrumental in the ground up creation of Fallout Trampoline Arena. He has extensive experience in lease negotiations, construction, development projects, staff, and product management. He attended BYU-Hawaii where he earned a degree in Accounting and Corporate finance graduating with honors.


He currently resides with his wife and daughter in Albuquerque, NM. They enjoy traveling, dirt bikes, boating, skiing, and being around family and friends.

Real Estate Investor, Top Producing Broker, Fly Fisherman, Family man. Sam’s passion lies in income-producing real estate.  While attending Brigham Young University studying Construction Management Sam successfully started his own real estate flipping and long term holding company.  As an investor and licensed realtor, Sam has bought and sold and participated in over 100MM+ in real estate transactions over the past 9 years.  From flipping small homes to developing $35mm fourplex complexes, to buying large apartment communities, Sam has vast experience and expertise that has not only benefitted his family and partners but many loyal investor clients as well.  Personally, Sam has never made less than a 20% ROI on real estate investments, this is possible through careful planning, research, and execution (and admittedly a little luck and timing). Integrity and expertise are most important to Sam when working with clients and partnerships.

On a personal note, Sam loves the outdoors and the beauty Utah has to offer.  Being a dad to Heidi and Liam is the highlight of his life, Lauren his wife are best friends and enjoy traveling the world together.  Fly fishing and spending time outdoors and teaching his kids to enjoy this passion is his “WHY”, income-producing real estate is what gets Sam out of bed in the morning in order to produce the lifestyle his family deserves. He currently resides in Lehi, Utah (The Silicon Slopes).

Tien graduated from Long Island University with a Doctorate of Pharmacy.  For years Tien has been buying multiple residential investment properties while working as a full time Pharmacist.  After building an extensive residential income property portfolio, Tien decided to pursue her passion of helping people build wealth through multifamily commercial real estate.  Tien is now a full time multifamily investment specialist spending her time buying large apartment complexes.  She is the head underwriter at MFI Club and works hard to find the most profitable and Recession Proof properties to buy 

He currently resides with his wife and daughter in Albuquerque, NM. They enjoy traveling, dirt bikes, boating, skiing, and being around family and friends.

Jason Pero is President of Pero Real Estate LLC which was founded in 2001 with his wife Nadia. Jason has owned and operated over $48,000,000 of real estate assets in Erie County comprised of over 1000 multifamily rental units. Pero Real Estate is one of the largest real estate investment companies in Northwestern Pennsylvania. Current President of the Apartment Association of Northwestern Pennsylvania and board member for 15 years, Jason takes pride in educating landlords and real estate investors. An author, frequent guest on nationally recognized podcasts, and a real estate coach for new and experienced investors, Jason has worked hard to provide value in every aspect of his business. Jason has a broad experience in strategic planning, property and asset management, acquisitions, value-add opportunities, syndications and dispositions.


For the past 17 years, Robert has been involved in completing over $1 Billion of commercial and multi-family real estate transactions from New York to Florida.

During that same time, Robert was instrumental in building a commercial construction company and property management business to further monetize the portfolio investments that were made. Robert has also spent time on Wall Street helping raise capital and launch a $72 million technology hedge fund.

He has guided equity partners on over a dozen acquisitions ranging from real estate to manufacturing and been responsible for raising capital for these projects and completing due diligence. As a CPA with many years of CFO experience, Robert also understands the importance of knowing the numbers and managing risk


Rod Khleif is a passionate real estate investor who has personally owned and managed over 2000 properties. Rod is the host of the number one real estate podcast on Itunes; “Lifetime Cash Flow through Real Estate Investing”.


As an accomplished entrepreneur, Rod has built several successful multi-million dollar businesses. But ask Rod what he is most proud of, and he will tell you about his work as a community philanthropist. Over the past 14 years, Rod’s work has benefited more than 60,000 underprivileged community children.

Khleif has combined his passion for real estate investing with his personal philosophy of goal setting, envisioning, and manifesting success

Aside from his role as co-founder of MJ Ventures, Mr. Young is the owner of Princeton Pacific Properties- a full-service Real Estate Brokerage Company originally formed in 1994. Mr. Young personally represents in a brokerage capacity approximately 100 clients per year and has been involved in the brokering of over 2,500 properties since 1990.In addition, Mr. Young is an active Real Estate Investor and owner specializing in manufactured housing communities and multiple-family dwellings currently controlling 350 units. Mr. Young was among the first developers in the state of California to bring “stick-built” prefab homes in a mobile home park setting in 1984.


Prior to forming Princeton Pacific Properties Mr. Young’s diverse real estate career started after graduating high school being hired by one of the nation’s most well-respected real estate investment services companies: Marcus and Millichap Commercial brokerage. Following the experience of working over a large territory in commercial investment sales, Mr. Young decided to focus on residential brokerage and investing and developing


Steeve has invested in over 2,000 apartment units and has diverse real estate experience. He has built a strong network of seasoned real estate professionals and trusted advisers. His conservative approach and analytical skills enable him to clearly assess risk and invest wisely to maximize client returns while preserving their principal. 

Steeve often speaks at national real estate conferences and has been interviewed on numerous podcasts. He is also a real estate coach where he teaches how to invest in large multifamily properties for cash flow.

He holds an MBA from Babson College’s Olin School of Business