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                  MFI Club (Multifamily Investment Club) is a real estate investment firm based out of Lehi, Utah also know as "The Silicon Slopes".  Our conservative approach to acquiring property leads to exceptional returns.  We believe in underwriting with the most strict and unwavering criteria, and by doing so we hold our assets for high cash flow long term.



The 2008 Real Estate Bubble and resulting recession taught us many things, and for those who have paid attention it has been pivotal in learning how to create recession proof investment portfolios. High (double digit) returns through risk-adjusted real estate investments should be part of every investor's portfolio, and if you ask me, it should represent the majority of any investor's portfolio. I started investing in real estate in 2010, at the bottom of the recession, and I have used what I learned to help many investors and clients invest along side me achieving consistent high returns and cash flow.  I continue to provide investment opportunities with double digit returns combined with great tax advantages and lower risk for my great clients and investors to the tune of almost $300 Million.

For the last 13 years, I have acquired real estate for myself, my family and have helped countless clients and investors do the same. Real estate has provided an opportunity for myself and others to build amazing investment portfolios while being able to sleep at night knowing the risk associated is lower than any other investment available. I created the Multifamily Investment Club in 2018 so that my friends, family, loyal clients, and everyone can enjoy the same opportunity and invest along side me to create the lifestyle they want and deserve.

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Simply put, multifamily real estate has the best and most risk adjusted returns available.  When purchased correctly, apartment complexes yield extremely high cash flow and at the same time offer the most recession resistant investment vehicle possible.  The tax benefits available to real estate investors are phenomenal, and the increased ability to take advantage of tax write offs and cost segregation solidifies large multifamily as the best and highest returning asset.



At MFI Club our specialty is Value-add investments.  We look for properties that have great potential but that have been

mismanaged and need to be fixed up and updated.  An outdated or run down property in a good location is exactly what we look for. Renovations can vary from updating kitchens and cosmetic items to full property tear outs and upgrades.  Getting the most bang for our buck is the goal, and maximizing the "upside" in each unique property is what we look to accomplish.

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